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Overseas Property & Second Homes Abroad

Specialist international and overseas  & UK  investment solutions.

At Baker & Woods we are a leading UK and overseas property investment specialist serving clients throughout the UK and internationally. Our experienced overseas property specialists focus on delivering exciting investment opportunities that offer significant income and capital growth potential.

With more than three quarters of a million Brits… and counting… now owning an overseas holiday home or investment property abroad, it is clear that investing in overseas property has a certain lure – not to mention the potential for significant financial rewards.

In fact, over the past few years, the international property market has emerged as one of the most popular and in demand alternative investment models for UK based investors.

Of course, you don’t have to be a property genius to work out why so many people are looking into investment opportunities abroad.

Countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Greece typically have lower property prices than here in the UK and they are pretty much guaranteed to be able to offer a culture, a cuisine, a location and a climate to die for.

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Interested in Overseas Property or investment opportunities in UK ?

If you’d like to learn more about buying a second home abroad or investing in overseas property, if you’d like to receive information about off-market developments and overseas property for sale or you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail with one of our property advisors please contact us today:

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Improved Yields from Overseas Property

Typically, by investing in overseas property you should be able to secure a good source of income, and so improve your overall financial situation.

This is because if you’ve researched your market well and chosen your investment property wisely, there will always be demand from eager holidaymakers wanting to rent out your property for good money, yet you may not have had to pay as much for the property as you would have done in the UK.

Property Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Other benefits of investing in overseas property include tax advantages and capital growth opportunities found in a number of emerging markets.

Good capital growth is one of the biggest reasons people give for their interest in investing in a property abroad and it is not hard to understand their mind set.

Even though holiday home rental markets in the UK can still be profitable, it can be much more straight forward and easier to build capital gains in an emerging overseas property market.

For investors who are particularly property savvy, this will make a lot of sense.

It basically means that if your investment focus is concentrated on economically emerging countries, there will be rewards to be had when the economy, infrastructure and facilities of that country begin to improve.

These growing markets are also more likely to yield better property prices in the future because of their strengthening economies and the increased demand for quality properties that this brings.

With this in mind, your property search should not only concentrate on the local property market and identifying the best in-country locations, it should also take a wider perspective and look at spotting countries with emerging economies that can boast improvements to their infrastructure and facilities as well.

Investment Opportunity


Rainham Park Phase 2

After the phenomenal success of Phase 1, selling out in little over 6 months, we now have very limited availability remaining in Phase 2:

24 Month Fixed Term 
Minimum Investment from £9,600
50% Below Market Value
Clearly Defined Exit
140% Contracted Buyback
Limited Availability

High level return on investment within 2 to 5 years

Investment Details

  • 2,500 plots available to investors
  • Plot price to investors £2,400
  • High level return within two to five years
  • Plots are valued at over £3,750
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Minimum investment is 4 plots

This is a new cemetery for Greater London and is based in Rainham, Havering, just a few miles from densely populated areas of London that have no burial space left. Millions of people live within just a few miles, and the price of burial plots has always been high and increasing within London due to the critical shortage of burial space.

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Investment Opportunity

Essex and London Properties is seeking to raise £2.0 million by offering retail clients the opportunity to invest in the company against a fixed rate of 8.0%.

Interest will be paid quarterly in arrears.

Minimum subscription is £5,000, whilst the maximum investment is £250,000.

Funds will be raised for a fixed term of three years, however investors can mature their holding at the anniversary of their investment by giving 90 days written notice to the company.

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